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Brainboard is a collaborative solution for engineers to visually design & operate their Cloud infrastructure.
It empowers collaboration, enforces security and accelerates automation.

💡 Brainboard is visual and intuitive, combining the design and the coding expertise.

🚀 It centralizes the management of all your cloud infrastructures.

⚙️ Accelerates automation and can easily be integrated with existing processes.

⚡ Makes building and maintaining cloud architectures fast and efficient.

😌 It alleviates the whole cloud infrastructure management.

Fast track ⏱️

  1. Create an account.

  2. Create a new architecture.

Create a new architecture

  1. Drag and drop real Cloud resources to design you architecture and customize their configuration.

Drag and drop resources Configure the resources

  1. Click on deploy tab to view the auto-generated Terraform code.
resource "aws_instance" "node-alpha" {
provider =
subnet_id =
instance_type = "t2.xlarge"
availability_zone = "us-east-2a"
ami = "test"
tags = {
env = "staging"
archUUID = "ee89def2-7dd7-4a93-9096-c3470fd4d620"
Name = "Security analyzer"

We support providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and more.

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What is Brainboard?

Brainboard is a visual cloud management solution that allows cloud & network architects, DevOps engineers and SREs to centralize the management of the cloud infrastructure by:

  • Designing in real time and collaboratively cloud architectures,
  • Automatically generating the Terraform code from the blueprint,
  • Integrating with the existing repos like Gitlab and Github,
  • Deploying the infrastructure with one click,
  • Create repeatable templates to be used without reinventing the wheel every time.


Empower collaboration

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, that's why we want you to work on the upper layer of the abstraction: you do the engineering and the rest is managed by the machine: like code generation, error checking and automatic deployment.

All you have to do is engineering, depicting your thoughts and using your time and energy to innovate collaboratively.

Enforce security

Now more than ever security should be taken into account from the beginning of any project and not applied as a patch or only when emergencies arise. This is what Brainboard enables you to do: security by design that reflects and respects your priorities, naming conventions and best practices.

Accelerate automation → speed of delivery

Why should you spend time and money on what could be done quickly and efficiently?

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the new normal and we can even say it's a must-have when you care about your infrastructure.

Brainboard takes the IaC into the next level as it accelerates and eases both its adoption and its integration with your existing pipelines.

Why Brainboard

  • Zero-touch strategy: humans use their skills to think and design, and the machines to execute, monitor and inform us.
  • Business first: you control every aspect of the cloud infrastructure hosting your business.

    For eg you want some of your infrastructure to be compliant with European rules, you just migrate it to a european region with ONLY one click.

  • Time saving: your time to market is our highest priority.

    We offer the best cloud solution so that you and your team can do things even faster, standardizing people, processes and workflows.

  • Multi-cloud by design: Brainboard is build from the ground up with the multi-cloud in mind. Please refer to the FAQ for our definition of the multi-cloud.
  • Best practices: different levels of controls based on the best practices of the production-ready environments are available to guide engineers design robust infrastructures.
  • Cost optimization: you can visualize the price, and optimize the costs in two main areas:
    1. Choose best price-configuration ratio of your resources among the supported cloud providers. Which means you split your resources across multiple cloud providers.
    2. Optimize the costs within the same cloud provider by reviewing the architecture and benchmarking different scenarios.
  • Market place: design and distribute, you create what your ideal cloud infrastructure looks like and share it either with your team, organization of publicly. By doing so you give your own members the possibility to clone your work in 2s and get started.

    We help you give your team(s) autonomy and time.

  • Terraform: Brainboard relies mainly on Terraform which is widely used and proved in the cloud landscape.

    The code generated and deployed is a Terraform code

  • Gift: at any time you want to get your code and continue working on your own we offer you the whole source code of your infrastructure.

    Helping each other is our value and DNA.


Both technical profiles with 20+ years of combined expertise and after working together at a major French cloud provider, Chafik and Jeremy launched Brainboard in 2020. Brainboard's vision is to create an ecosystem for all cloud teams to work on their infrastructure.

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We'll be happy to hear your feedback, features requests or any question you may have: